Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And The Story Continues...

Well, anyone should be able to tell from my lack of blogs that we are still adjusting to a new baby at home. The hardest adjustment has been the division of time-as in I have the same amount of time, but one more person to share it with. Like I told my husband after he asked me if I really had wanted a little girl, I honestly replied I was okay with my boys, but it meant my husband was now the third pee-pee in line in this house. And if I thought I could multi-task before, because women naturally do that skill well, I am a total rock star now. Nick looks all happy if he holds Noah. Thank-you, it helps, but I hold Noah, I put away toys, unload the dishwasher, read to Asa, feed Asa, answer the phone, put away laundry, etc. etc.
This past week we took our first real vacation as a family and went up to visit friends north of Seattle, and then continued on to Canada and spent 5 nights in Vancouver, BC and the surrounding suburbs. Traveling with young children is...educational. When they asked at the border if we had any weapons, I was serious when I answered no, but I wanted to say that we didn't have any because it was to tempting to use them on the children. Of course I don't hurt my children but when you are stuck in line with a crying baby, a whining toddler, and a grousing husband, you think some nasty thoughts.
Still, it was a good trip-Asa saw that we are premanently a family of four, Nick saw why it can take me so long to get ready in the morning with two kids, and we all saw some cool tourist stuff. I got to geek-out at Ft. Langley, Asa loved the animals at The Aquarium in Stanley Park, and Nick liked the Tram ride up Grouse Mountain. Noah slept through Canada but he seemed to have a good time.
Now we are back to the real world, and Nick has started a new schedule at work. He is now working nights, starting at 7:00p and getting home about 7:00a. It isn't like winning the lottery but it came with some perks like the week we just took off for vacation, so you make do and call it good. I am no where near going back to work, despite the fact that I miss it. Being a mommy is fun and all, but I can only talk to small children for so long. And watching me nurse has created all kinds of neat conversations with Asa about boobs. I keep telling him to save it for the therapist he gets as an adult but he won't listen. He has told me that babies eat boobs, he sang that Old MacDonald had boobs on his farm, and he asked a woman with a newborn where her boobs were. I don't know whether to be proud that he is so observant, or cry because he sounds like a pervert in training. We just remind oursleves he isn't three yet and hope the damage isn't profound.
That is our life in a nutshell right now. GO DUCKS!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Don't Care

Okay, I beleive Science when they say that you really can't catch anything from a toilet seat. I am not denying that little fact at all. But as I am wiping down the seat at Burger King today, I am reminded that regardless of whether I can actually catch anything, I DO NOT WANT TO SIT IN SOMEONE ELSE"S URINE!!! Gag, gag, gag. Call me picky or Felix Unger; they both work for me.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Just To Make Sure....

I think I e-mailed everyone personally but just to make sure:

Please join us in welcoming our second son. Noah Andrew was born Aug. 22 at 1:45p. He was 8lbs. 5ounces and 20 inches long. People ask me what he is like and I will tell you: he is a baby. He has a schedule: eat, sleep, cry, spit up, poop, repeat.
I am very surprised to report that you are no more prepared for the second kid, than you are for the first. The number of "things" I have forgotten is ten-fold and I am very lucky that the first time we left the house, we weren't gone very long because I forgot A LOT! Extra outfit, enough wipes for 2 KIDS-not just one, my warm shirt, nursing blanket to cover up with, plus a bunch of other stuff.
One thing though that I did learn is that the first kid makes you "immune" to certain things. First week home, Noah spits up about a dime size on the sheets. Nick asks if I am going to wash the sheets and I looked at him and said "Is that any more gross than the junk Asa gets on the sheets just with his feet?" Point made-if it dries clear and has no chunks, it can wait.