Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I No Longer Agree

When the Oregon Dept. of Human Services, hereafter noted as DHS, first came under fire a few years ago, I defended them. They are under-staffed and under-funded.
Then a little child was severely beaten and people wanted to know how that fell through the cracks. I defended DHS; little kids hurt themselves all the time. My own son has two bruises on his face from falling into things-thank goodness everyone who knows me realizes that these are true accidents. It would be easy enough to explain away bruises on young children.
When another young child died during a parental visit, I still did not lose faith. After all, every organization has their bad employees and who knew the parent was so over the edge.
In the past month, a 15-year old girl was killed via a brutal beating from her own parents. Numerous people reported to DHS that this girl had been beaten for months, possibly years prior to her death; the bruises were visible to her friends, other family, and her teachers. You cannot excuse the bruises of a teenager as the beginning steps of a new walker like my young son.
I no longer offer any support, verbal or otherwise, to DHS. Yes, they are under-staffed and under-funded, but enough is enough. Clean house, utilize your dollars, and start saving children. Catching the radar of DHS should not be a death sentence.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out of Context

In my last blog, I talked about the crazies, and my sister made a good follow up remark that the Jews are just defending themselves. She makes a good point-I am not entirely wrong, but the Arabs do seem to be led by a group that refuses to compromise.
However, that does not exempt the Jews from having their own crazies. The Jewish Review, which I would NOT consider mainstream news media, has been reporting about a group of hard-line Jews in Israel, who are being very demanding about how that country is run. They were upset when more liberal Jews opted to sell bread during Passover, and they have objected to women praying at the Western Wall. In fact, they have called for laws to make sure that the country is run the way THEY want things. Um, I don't see how that is any different than the Taliban?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Crazies-Ruining It For Everyone

With the holiday season well and over, I have one question for everyone:
Why is it, this time more than any other, everyone has to fight over religious symbols?
The arguments over Christmas Trees continued this year un-abated. I read arguments pro- and con- for public menorahs. The gluttony of the season is always compared to Jesus-I hear the cry "Rmemeber the reason for the season" almost as much as I hear "grab the credit cards".
I don't get it.
It helps that my thoughts on religion are all encompassing. In my humble opinion, one of the greatest gifts God has given us is the numerous ways to pray to Him. We are his children; if God says you are better off a Christian, lo and behold, you are a Christian. If God thinks you make a better Buddhist, lo and behold, you are a Buddhist. All of the world's major religions have the same tenets of one, all powerful God (although some of the religions have lots of helpers), the idea of helping those less fortunate then yourself, and peace on earth. As a bonus, all major religions have their crazies too. Christians get the KKK, Muslims get terrorists, Jews are bombing Arabs over land. But the main point here is that God leads us where we need to go.
A winter holiday has been going on for thousands of years. So the Church borrowed it, re-packaged it, and gave it another name. What this says to me, that on or around Decmeber 25, spend the day the way you want. Go to church and pray for mankind. Give gifts like it is 1999. Go for a hike for thoughtful reflection. Eat a big meal. Or take your family to a truck stop.
Does it matter that we all do it differently? Does it matter that some of us want to remember Jesus, who when all is said and done was a kind and thoughtful man. Does matter that some of us eat till we are sick? Does it matter that some of us light candles instead of plugging in a string of bulbs?
At the time of winter solstice, in the Western Hemispere, I say we do whatever we need to (as long as we respect ourselves and others) to tackle the shortest day of the year and look forward to lengthing days and stop fighting over how we pray. It is driving me crazy! But not terrorist crazy.